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Pine Gum Salve Helps Heal Cut Finger

I was cutting a thick piece of leather strap late one night.  When my scissors got through cutting the leather they slipped and cut the knuckle of my pointer finger wide open to the bone.  It needed stitches, but it was late and I was trying to decide what to do.  I took a bandaid and put on large gob of Pine Gum Salve and tightened it around my finger to hold the skin down.  In the morning it was sore, and I left it bandaged.  That evening, I looked at it and the wound was sealed tight and looked good.  I wore a latex glove anytime I used water to protect it from getting wet.  I redid the bandage every night for five days, and it healed without a scar!


Pine Gum Salve is Good For Pets

My cat started walking on 3 legs and laying around a lot.  Her paw was really swollen, so I put a gob of Indian Maid Pine Gum Salve on it and wrapped it with gauze.  She worked on it overnight until she had the bandage off.  The next morning, she was back to normal!  It could have been a sliver, bite or puncture, I’m not sure which.


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